M. J. Miller & Co. – 50 Plus Years of Greatness

Bio For Owner Mike Miller

Michael Miller founded his internationally renowned jewelry business, M.J. Miller & Co., in 1970 and has continued to skyrocket in the field of fine jewelry and precious gems. His unique childhood in North Dakota during the mid-1950s fueled his passion for this industry from a young age. Growing up, he would often walk along railroad tracks and find precious gems like natural quartz crystals. Michael's father, a master watchmaker, further nurtured his interest by partnering with diamond cutters and establishing a successful jewelry and watchmaking business in their small town. Michael's early exposure to these natural treasures, and his father's innovative business approach, instilled in him a deep connection to the world of jewelry and gems.

Despite initially pursuing and graduating with a Pharmacy degree in college, Michael's love for precious gems never waned. For many years he balanced a career as a pharmacist with his nighttime endeavors as a jewelry designer. His dedication to his creative talents ultimately guided his career entirely toward jewelry design, earning him a stellar reputation in the industry. His professional journey exemplifies a lifelong dedication to the art of jewelry making and a profound commitment to enriching the lives of his customers through the beauty and significance of precious gems.

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